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Challenge : Your Vertical Turning Center with two or three axes has limitations to perform non radial operations, milling like pockets or T-slots or drilling off-center on cylindrical surfaces. Basically, your VTL turn/mill can’t cut all required features of workpieces. You can’t mill flat surfaces on a cylindrical part. Your turned part needs to be transferred to another CNC machining center for off-centre milling/drilling operations.

Like many manufacturers, this may sound familiar to you. You are likely to reject the project or execute the project with a Turn/Mill Center plus a Machining Center. However, transferring your turned parts to another CNC machine takes extra time and resources, and may cause possible errors.


The short answer : Y-Axis

Why Y-Axis

  • In standard Vertical Turning Centers, there are limitations when it comes to off-center operations. With the integration of Y-Axis, the turning and milling processes take a significant step further, performing any unusual or non-radial milling and drilling operations.
  • The Y-Axis supports a variety of tools that enable it to perform a range of milling operations. Better tolerances and higher accuracy can be achieved.
  • The Y-Axis allows helical interpolation, which requires simultaneous motion in multiple axes – X, Y and Z. This three-axis profiling can be used for thread milling, for making larger holes and for creating circular ramping or simply machine a flat surface or a pocket.
  • The Y-Axis also eliminates the need for many secondary operations. As parts become more complex and geometric tolerance becomes tighter, the Y-Axis allows various processes in a single set up that would have otherwise required another setup on another CNC machine.

Advantages of Y-Axis

  • The key advantages of Y-Axis enables milling, drilling and face machining in areas outside the centre of the workpiece that cannot be processed on conventional VTLs.
  • The abilities and capabilities of Y-Axis enable machining processes in a single set up on one turning centre is extremely efficient and very cost effective. While the machining centre, which was used for secondary operation, can be utilized for another more suited milling project.
  • Combining processes in a single set up saves time and eliminate possible errors, producing high precision and high-quality parts which leads to higher productivity and faster delivery.
  • Profitability often comes down to the cost per part. Manufacturers performing multi-tasking turning and milling operations can reap the benefits of Y-Axis to reduce the cost per part.

How does the Y-Axis works? View video here 👇


: Integrate Y-Axis on the Vertical Turning Centre that combine turning and milling processes in a single setup and in one machine. A Y-Axis equipped turn/mill center is like having two CNC machines in one – a 2-axis Turning Center and a 4-axis Machining Center.  

Results : Multiple set up changes can be done with one chucking. Machining processes are carried out in one operation on one machine, saving time and labour. Productivity is significantly improved and possible errors are reduced. Machining centre used for secondary processes can be better utilized for projects which require the strength of milling operations.


Key Features of VT-650 YMC

  • Vertical Turning Center VT-650 YMC is available with 15”-24” chuck, milling function (opt.) and Y-Axis (opt.).
  • The Y-axis is implemented by hand scraped box guide ways for the highest possible stability.
  • The single-piece cast machine bed limits thermal distortion and absorbs undesirable vibrations effectively, providing the highest levels of precision and surface finishes.
  • The cutting area and the feed zone are separated to minimize thermal displacement of the frame caused by hot chips and coolant.
  • For workpieces which require a wide range of tools, the VT-650 YMC can be equipped with a tool magazine up to 48 tools (CAPTO C5).
  • With maximum cutting diameter of 800mm and maximum cutting length of 750mm, the VT-650 YMC has the largest cutting area in its class.
  • Since June 2020, Hwacheon is the first machine tool manufacturer to provide Y-axis for this machine size and type.
  • To further optimize the productivity of VT-650 YMC, the machine is equipped with the necessary interface and can be integrated with automation systems such as Hwacheon APC (Automatic Pallet Changer), AWC (Automatic Workpiece Changer), Gantry Loading Systems and Robot systems.

VT-650 YMC is the tool of choice to many well-known manufacturers for complex machining of challenging cylindrical components used in automotive, aerospace, machinery and power generation industries.

For other machining demands in terms of size and table load, Hwacheon manufactures a full range of Vertical Turning Centers 10” to 50” chuck – VT Series – VT-450 / VT-650 / VT-950+ / VT-1150+ .

Even larger VTLs are available of up-to turning diameter of 4m – VT-2000 / VT-3000 / VT-4500 .

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