Here’s how to improve the productivity with VESTA Series

The more you know, the more you can improve!

Check out VESTA Series, Vertical Machining Centers with enhanced Hwacheon software. Learn more about the capabilities of software optimized machining that makes constant adjustments to achieve the best quality results at optimum work efficiency.

Key features:

  • Extreme rigid headstock to cater to modern cutting
  • Fast tool change through Servo system
  • Advanced modern splash guard design
  • Flexible chip conveyor system
  • User-friendly CNC control panel

VESTA-660 / VESTA-1000+ / VESTA-1300 / VESTA-2000

  • Y-Axis : 430 – 850 mm
  • Spindle : 10,000 – 12,000 rpm
  • High Quality Roller LM Guide in all axis

VESTA-850B / VESTA-1050B / VESTA-1300B

  • High Rigid Box Guide Way Design
  • Gear drive spindle delivers high torque at even low RPMs
  • Choice of standard / optional spindles

VESTA-610D (Dual Table) / VESTA-500T (Twin Spindle)

  • High speed dual table maximizes machining time
  • Independent high precision twin spindles with 24,000 rpm and 24 station ATC each
  • Roller LM Guide Type

Equipped with Hwacheon’s machining software such as productivity enhancement software (HECC, HTLD and OPTIMA) and precision enhancement software (HTDC and HAI), the VESTA-Series provide enhanced productivity and precision. The machining software monitors various environment and machining condition related variables and makes optimized adjustments for the top quality results at optimum work efficiency.