SMART-Ua Steel


For Mold Steel Machining

With SMART-Ua Steel, easy set up of the machine to get the best and fastest machining result with just four button presses.


Product Description

Generation of optimized CNC data
CNC date are generated after the CAD file has been sent to SMART-Ua Steel. During unattended machining, the process is achieved by automatically analysed, edited and adjusted.

Automatic tool process control
The process step-by-step tool checks status, pre-correction are done to prevent breakage and extensive abrasion due to processing errors. Each material is processed per hourly forecasts, records and time check by usage, life cycle management to be ready for the next process.

Workpiece automatic detection
Automatic detection of size and position of the workpiece. Prevent pre-processing error and to minimize non-cutting time. The defective material is marked automatically by detecting H-SMART analysis after the contour is compared to stop the process.

Product Specifications

Additional information

Stroke (X/Y/Z) [mm]

1,050 / 600 / 550

Rapid Speed (X/Y/Z) [mm]

36 / 36 / 36

Working Surface [mm]

1,200 x 600

Table Loading Capacity [kg]


Max. Spindle Speed [rpm]

20,000 (opt. 12,000 / 14,000 / 24,000)

Spindle Motor [kW]

37 kW

Type of Tool Shank

BBT-40 / HSK-A63

Tool Storage Capacity [ea]


Floor Space (Length X Width) mm

5,730 x 5,320

CNC Controller

Fanuc 31i-B

Machining Software

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