MEGA II-200 is specifically designed for shipbuilding, wind power, mining, new and renewable energy as well as large and heavy duty precision parts for aircraft industries.

Product Description

Headstock with Thermal Displacement-Minimizing Rib Frame

The headstock provides stable support for the spindle with its high-precision cylindrical roller bearing, and the gearbox with gear and shaft specially treated with heat during grinding delivers excellent stability and precision. The oil, cooled by an external cooling system, automatically circulates to lubricate each drive and support sections to minimize thermal displacement caused by heat.

High-Rigidity Structure

The high-rigidity 3-way bed, capable of hard cutting, has been designed in separate units that can be connected easily, and the wide sliding surface bed with the maximum width of 1,200 mm enables high-load hard cutting. The bed has been designed to allow discharge of chips by vertically dropping them, and the chip conveyor is convenient to use.

Built-in Tailstock

The large tailstock with the built-in quill rotation structure is designed to have a rigid frame with the 3-point support system. Its rack-and-pinion steering, automatic feeding by an electrical motor, and a dual safety system for braking and sliding prevention allow the operator to work in safety and comfort. Implementation of the forced lubrication cooling system minimizes thermal displacement.

Z-Axis Ball Screw and Support

The nut rotation drive system with clamped ends minimizes vibrations during rapid feeding. A saddle with LM guide and anti-deflection ball screw support are mounted on the front of the bed to enable machining without drooping or vibrations.

Product Specifications

Additional information

Swing Over Bed [mm]


Swing over cross slide [mm]


Distance between centers [mm]

6,000 / 8,000 / 10,000 / 12,000 / 17,000

Max. load capacity [ton]

25 (Option : 40)

Bed width [mm]


Bed slide way

3-Way (1-Bed)

Spindle nose

Special (Ø300 x 280)

Chuck Size [inch]


Spindle Speed [rpm]

1 ~ 130

Spindle torque [kgf.m]


Spindle range [step]

Auto 2-steps

Rapid Speed (X / Z) [m/min]

4 / 6

Type of Quill

Built-in type

Quill external diameter [mm]

Ø450 (Option : 600)

Quill Stroke [mm]


Spindle Motor [kW]

140 / 100

Feed Motor (X / Z) [kW]

11.6 / 28.3

Machine Length (W x H) [mm]

4,200 x 3,425

Machine Width (L) [mm]

13,500 /15,500 / 17,500 / 19,500 / 24,500

CNC Controller


Machining Software

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