Hi-TECH 700BB+


Designed for most demanding industrial applications

These tough, highly precise machines employ extra-size through-spindles, the two heavy duty air chucks in front and rear of the spindle guarantee perfect results, every time (optional).
The 45-degree unibody bed equipped in each model is ideal for most demanding turning jobs. The Hi-TECH BB series turning centers equipped with box way design in all guide ways for maximum stability and precision even after hours of prolonged operation. The gear-transmission spindle assembly provides both low-torque and high speed turning capabilities with increased productivity.

  • Swing over bed: 900 mm
  • Max. Cutting diameter: 680 mm
  • Optional Air-Chuck with diameter: 24.8″
  • Inner spindle bearing diameter: 360 mm
  • Strong spindle motor with 45/37 kW

Product Description

High Performance Spindle
The performance spindle delivers high torque at low speed, supported by the gear box system.  The bearings at spindle assembly are oil cooled, with Hwacheon’s unique Oil Jet Cooling technology; the gearbox temperature is efficiently regulated with the circulating oil coolant for precision results at all time. This spindle system is specially effective for large size, heavy duty jobs such especially for oil and gas applications.

High Performance Turret
Entire process from turning to milling can be performed with a single setting. This helps maintain your quality, and eliminates down time in between jobs by getting rid of unnecessary loading and unloading of work pieces. It’s like having two machines in one, which means you’ll be twice as productive.

Run by a powerful AC spindle motor, the turnmill system can accurately axis-index the spindle to perfectly mill, tap, or drill. Different types of milling or turning job can be performed with a single chucking.

User Friendly Design, A Wide Range Of Optional Features
The BB-series of turning centers are designed with end users in mind. Its user-friendly machine design and a variety of supplementary features ensure a stronger, faster and more precise machining performance.

Product Specifications

Additional information

Swing Over Bed [mm]


Max. Cutting Diameter [mm]


Max. Cutting Length [mm]


Through Spindle Hole Diameter [mm]


Spindle Motor Power [kW]

45 / 37

Number of Tool Stations [amount]


CNC Controller

Fanuc 0i-TF (Opt.: Fanuc 31i-B)

Machining Software

Learn more about Hwacheon's Machining Software.

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