Hi-M 760


High rigid box frame design structure providing best absorption of vibration with highest stability. It offers the best performance for high-speed and high-precision machining.


Product Description

Spindle with Built-in Motor
A high-power motor is integrated into the spindle shaft without any parts that transfer power between the motor and spindle. It minimizes vibration, noise, and power loss during high-speed rotations, increasing machining efficiency. The bearing grease lubrication system and synchronous temperature control minimizes the influence of external temperature variation and improve smoothness.

Automatic Tool Changer
A random-address, centrally fixed rotational ATC with the maximum tool diameter of 16 mm, the maximum tool length of 200 mm, and the maximum tool weight of 3 kg.

Tool Length Compensator
Tool length and diameter are measured and compensated automatically during the operation, minimizing non-cutting time and allowing any operator to reproduce high-precision results regardless of their work proficiency. Also, it detects any faults in the tools and prevents accidents before they happen.

Interactive Machining Programming
Siemens-828D (Std) and Siemens-840D (Opt) systems provide flexible programming input, convenient controls and efficient functionalities for high productivity. [Siemens: Shop mill] / Fanuc-31i and Fanuc-0i MF (Opt) systems provide control guidance that supports overall work process on an integrated screen. [Fanuc: Manual guide i]

Product Specifications

Additional information

X / Y / Z Axis Travel [mm]

750 / 600 / 350

Rapid Speed (X / Y / Z) [m/min]

25 / 25 / 20

Working Surface [mm]

750 x 600

Table Loading Capacity [kg]


Max. Spindle Speed [rpm]


Spindle Motor [kVa]


Spindle Taper [NT]


Tool Storage Capacity [ea]


Floor Space(Length X Width) [mm]

2,100 x 2,500

NC Controller

Siemens-828D (Siemens 840Dsl, Fanuc 0i-MF, Fanuc 31i)

Machining Software

Learn more about Hwacheon's Machining Software.

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