Hi-M G1 Pro


Hi-M G1 PRO delivers high-speed, high-precision machining for graphite electrodes that require high accuracy. The accuracy and performance of the machine have been improved by applying very strict standards during assembling of selected high precision machined parts. C3 class ball screw and linear scale with least input of 0.0001mm (0.0001deg.) precision are applied as standard to achieve best possible machining accuracy.

Product Description

Dry Graphite Machining Center with Optimal Design for Dust Removal

  • Optimal application for graphite
  • Optimal design for dust collection
  • Sealed roof design for dust collector
  • Convenient door design for cleaning

Compact Machine Design

  • Compact machine size
  • Simple and high rigid design
  • Small size & high performance dust collector

High Speed & High Precision Machining Process

  • Optimal design structure by 3D / FEM Analysis
  • Wide LM guide for 3-axis(X/Y/Z)
  • Application of C3 class high precision ball screw
  • Spindle coolant system
  • Scale & Hwacheon Machining Software HTDC applied as standard

Excellent Dust Collection

  • Sealed roof design for dust collection
  • Convenient door design for cleaning

Product Specifications

Additional information

X / Y / Z Axis Travel [mm]

750 / 600 / 350

Spindle Nose to Table Top [mm]

100 – 450

Table Size [mm]

750 × 620

Max. Loading Capacity [kg]


Max. Spindle Speed [rpm]


Spindle Taper


Spindle Motor Power [kW]


No. of Tools [amount]


Floor Space (Length X Width) [mm]

2,165 x 2,575

CNC Controller

Fanuc Oi-MF Plus


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