Ultra Precision Production Solution

Compact sized Horizontal Machining Center AF-4 is built with dynamic systems for high productivity. The integrated motor spindle prevents vibration, noise, and reduced power at high speed rotation. Jets of oil are injected directly onto the spindle bearings for effective cooling and best possible lubrication as well as temperature stable operations during even longest machining cycles. The motor and spindle nose are jacket cooled to limit the displacement caused by heat.

Product Description

High-Precision Horizontal Machining Center with Pallet Size 400 x 400 mm
Horizontal Machining Center AF-4 is designed with a compact footprint and built with dynamic systems optimized for minimal and efficient cycle times. It is capable of mass production, small to medium batch production, prototyping, and machining of many various industry parts. Powerful capacity hydraulic brake system provides stable and accurate machining when performing fixed-angle roughing and boring.


  • Selection of high-performance spindles from 15,000 / 20,000 rpm.
  • Dual worm gear is applied in rotary table for high torque and high precision machining (B-Axis).
  • High speed ring magazine available in various sizes and specifications.
  • Equipped with two pallet systems as standard (400 x 400 mm).

Multi Axis Machining Solution

  • AF-4 is equipped with various processing software developed by Hwacheon to provide improved productivity, accuracy, temperature control as well as excellent surface quality.
  • AF-4 can be equipped with “Harmony” Smart Interface (opt.) for quick and easy NC data creation with interactive CAM for faster setup and other innovative features to increase quality and productivity.

Enhanced User Convenience
Units requiring regular maintenance are conveniently placed and are equipped with an automatic roller guideway grease lubrication system as standard.

Product Specifications

Additional information

Axis Stroke (X/Y/Z) [mm]

565 / 645 / 645

Pallet Size [mm]

400 x 400

Max. Table Load [kg]


Max. Spindle Speed [rpm]

15,000 / OPT. 20,000

Spindle Power (15k | 20k) [kW]

37 / 22, 37 / 18.5

Rapid Speed [m/min]

60 / 60 / 60

Rapid Speed (B) [m/min]


Tool Storage Capacity [ea]

40 (OPT: 60)

Machine Weight [kg]


CNC System

Fanuc Oi-MF Plus. HARMONY (OPT.)


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