High Productivity For Parts & Components

The AF-16 is a excellent solution for producing various kinds of parts which require both, high rigidity and productivity. The high torque spindle is either equipped with a direct drive motor spindle or a strong gear system. Hwacheon’s unique Oil-Jet cooling system ensures stable cutting and high quality even during long machining times. Additionally, the stable frame structure designed with FEM analysis will enhance the quality and accuracy of your products.

The AF-16 with Hwacheon’s unique software enables users to get high efficiency, productivity, stability and convenience at the same time. High precision worm gear and rotary encoders at B-axis will maintain high accuracy. Furthermore, users can fix rotating axis by using hydraulic force for rough face cutting and drilling on fixed angle, it will ensure stability and precision.

Product Description

High Rigid & Large Horizontal Machining Center 

  • High rigid LM guide in all axes
  • Stroke (X/Y/Z): 2,600/1,600/1,500 mm
  • Max. work size: Ø2,500 x 1,800 mm
  • Max loading weight : 15,000 kg (2-APC: 7,000kg)

Powerful Spindle

  • High Speed: BT-50/3,000 rpm (Std), 8,000/12,000 rpm (Optional)
  • High Power Motor: 26/22 kW
  • Spindle lub. and cooling system: Oil-Jet lubrication

Various Functions

  • Hwacheon’s unique software technology: HAI, HECC, HTLD, OPTIMA, HTDC (Std.)
  • B-axis control by 0.001° ensures machine precision (Std.)
  • Through Spindle Coolant (Opt.): 30/70 bar

Reliable Accuracy

  • Linear Scale for all axes (Std.)
  • Ball Screw Core Cooling (Std.)


Stroke (X / Y / Z) [mm]

2600 (3000) / 1600 / 1500

Stroke W-Axis [mm]


B-axis Rotation Angle


Table Loading Capacity [kg]


Max. Workpiece Size (D x L) [mm]

2500 x 1800

Max. Spindle Speed [rpm]

3000 / 8000 / 12000

Spindle Motor Power (opt.) kW

26 / 22 (30/25)

Tool Storage Capacity (opt.) [Amount]

60 (120/180)


Fanuc 31i-B

Learn more about Hwacheon's Machining Software.

Hwacheon’s Promise Of Quality

Rooted in engineering excellence since  1945, Hwacheon's CNC machine tools are manufactured to meet exacting quality and top-notch precision. As a customer, you can be assured of their excellent performance and longevity.

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HWACHEON CNC Machine Tools – Made by Hwacheon . Made in Korea . Simply Quality

HWACHEON CNC Machine Tools
Made by Hwacheon . Made in Korea . Simply Quality

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