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For the professionals who design and build CNC machines, the desire to improve machine efficiency and competence is constant. At Hwacheon, we research and invest in smart machining techniques and automation solutions continuously – well into the future. Rooted in world leading Korean engineering, our strength lies in the vertical integration in machine tool manufacturing. Main components like cast iron, gears, chucks and spindles are made in house in South Korea.

Hwacheon’s range of CNC Lathes, CNC Milling Machines, 5-Axis Machining Centers, Multi-Axis and Smart Machines extend from precision machining for die & mould parts, intricate parts to heavy cutting and machining of large parts. A wide selection of options and accessories enable our CNC machines to be configured economically and technically to meet your precise application needs.

5-Axis Maching Center

Vertical Turning Center

Vertical Machining Center

Twin Spindle Vertical Machining Center

Industry-Leading New Machines

Hwacheon’s R&D engineers continually innovate to deliver new CNC machine tools which can achieve higher performance, quality, speed and durability. Incorporating feedback from our global base of users, these state-of-the-art machine tools are developed to meet your exacting precision manufacturing needs.

Highly Automated Smart Machines

Hwacheon’s unique machining optimization control technology together with our smart software technology delivers high-quality machining 24/7. With our onestop solution, this intelligent automation machine tool is able to conduct the whole process – from CAM work to machining – using just four steps.

5-Axis Machining Centers

Hwacheon’s 5-Axis Universal Machining Centers provide a total machining solution for complex workpieces which require high precision and multiple production processes with just a single setting, Coupled with the Hwacheon Software, they provide 5-axis production solutions with ultra-precision, from tool selection to final product.

Your choice for the highest precision, highest flexibility or automated
A compact size and cost-effective solution to a very wide range of
applications and materials.

Versatile and Reliable CNC Lathes

Hwacheon’s CNC Lathes offer a wide range of specifications and options suitable for various industries. Highly versatile to meet your unique applications across a broad range of materials, these rigid and reliable CNC Turning Centers provide an unparalleled level of dynamics, precision, and flexibility.

Multi-Process machining for large long shaft and cylindrical
High rigid flat bed structure for heavy duty cutting and turning of
long workpieces
Compact size with rigid box way structure for production turning
of complex geometries
High power turning abilities at highest accuracy for cylindrical

Top Range CNC Milling Machines

Hwacheon’s CNC Milling Machines crafted with high-quality components and top of the range options allows automatic machining even of complex workpieces. Manufactured with state-of-the-art technologies and intelligent design, these CNC Machining Centers are designed for the most demanding machining tasks.

Stable double column structure provides high precision cutting for
large and long components
Twin spindle milling offers optimal speed and highest quality for
processing small parts
Compact, powerful and flexible for a very wide range of part
Powerful roughing and precise finish machining capabilities for general
parts and mold & die.

Hwacheon Automation Systems

Profitability increased through 24/7 utilisation.
Automated processes and increased productivity.
Produce precise parts at constant accuracy and speed.
Maximise available factory time with 2nd & 3rd shifts including weekends.

  • Multi Pallet System
  • Automatic Workpiece Changer
  • Gantry System
  • Robot Handling System

Hwacheon Machining Software

Hwacheon’s specially developed suite of machining software monitors the different variables related to your shop floor and machining environment, making adjustments to deliver the best quality results and optimized work efficiency. By continually monitoring and calibrating your machine tool, they help to improve worker productivity, improve machine longevity, reduces error, and allow greater custom control.

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CNC Machines in Middle East

CNC Machines in Middle East

Traditionally, Middle East economies such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Egypt have relied heavily on oil and gas extraction and refining to drive their economies. However, the role of CNC machines in these countries extends far beyond the oil and gas sector.