2023 is here!

The start of a new year, the start of new opportunities.

To create a winning production strategy for 2023, you can’t expect to use the same techniques as the past years. Your production strategy should change alongside customers’ needs and technological shifts.

Our customers spoke, we listened.

Based on our customers’ feedbacks and market trends, Hwacheon recently released 7 NEW CNC machines, a NEW Gantry System GR-5 as well as a NEW optional User Interface for CNC Control “Harmony”.

Our customers want more value and innovative features.

These NEW CNC machines and systems are improved and upgraded versions of our existing machines, and a whole lot more of enhanced features. And, they outline the trends that you and your production teams need to keep an eye on in 2023.


Meet our New CNC Machines & Technologies!

NEW! CNC Machines & Technologies - M1-5AX

5-Axis Machining Center M1-5AX with AWC 8 / 20 (opt.)

  • High performance spindles 20,000 / 32,000 rpm
  • Shorter processes for small and complex parts
  • Mechanical stability with Made by Hwacheon rotary table
  • Easy integration with robots and AWC

5-Axis Machining Center D3-5AX with CNC User Interface “Harmony”

  • Powerful spindles 12,000 / 14,000 / 20,000 / 24,000 rpm
  • High speed machining with proven Spindle “Oil-Jet lubrication system”
  • CNC control smart interface “Harmony” for All-in-One Solution (opt.)
  • Better machine ROI with “High Mix – Low Volume” production
NEW! CNC Machines & Technologies - D3-5AX Harmony
NEW! CNC Machines & Technologies - SIRIUS-3000 5AX

Large Size 5-Axis Machining Center SIRIUS-3000 5AX

  • 24,000 RPM. 69Kw spindle power
  • X: 3,500 mm Y: 3,000 mm Z: 1,500 mm
  • GANTRY design with linear drive in X & Y Axis
  • Double ball screw drive in Z-axis
  • Ideal for large size precision parts and mold applications

Double Column Machining Center L3-3000

  • Spindle speed 12,000 rpm (opt. 20,000 rpm)
  • Enhanced utilization of table space (3,000 x 1,800 mm)
  • Built with premium materials and high performance features
  • Ideal for long, large plates and multi clamping applications
NEW! CNC Machines & Technologies - L3
NEW! CNC Machines & Technologies - eVESTA-1100

Vertical Machining Center eVESTA-1100

  • 580 mm Y-Axis and stable C type structure
  • Software optimized for enhanced part quality
  • Improved table utilization (max 4ea 6″ vice)
  • Increased opportunities for precision part manufacturing

Graphite Hi-M G1 Pro

  • High speed and high precision machining for graphite electrodes
  • C3 class ball screw and linear scale (std.) for best possible accuracy
  • Dry process graphite machining
  • Optimal design for dust removal
NEW! CNC Machines & Technologies - Hi-M G1 Pro
NEW! CNC Machines & Technologies - Hi-TECH 650

Horizontal Turning Center Hi-TECH 650

  • 15”–21” chuck with improved design and structure
  • Mid size in Hi-TECH Series ranging from 6” –32” chuck
  • Powerful milling function (max. torque 95.5 Nm. Opt. 140 Nm)
  • Ideal for long shafts and cylinder type workpieces

Gantry System GR-5

Key Features :

  • Easy integration with new or existing turning centers
  • Enhanced machining performance
  • Stable productivity and unmanned operation
  • Proven results with CNC Lathes Hi-TECH 230 and CUTEX-180
NEW! CNC Machines & Technologies - GR-5

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