Curious to know how CNC Machine Tool are manufactured and assembled?

Or the steps involved in fabrication, assembling, shipping and installing a new machine?

Previously, in our article The Story of a CNC Machine Tool Part 1, we highlighted the history of CNC
machines, the various innovations introduced over the decades, as well as the importance of steps
like casting, hand scraping, spindle manufacturing and sheet metal fabrication.
In this article you will continue to follow the journey of a CNC Machine Tool. Here we will cover the
following processes:

  • Manufacturing of Key Components & Raw Materials
  • Partners & Suppliers of Other Key Components
  • Assembly of Machines
  • Quality Control and Testing
  • Packing, Documentation and Shipping
  • Delivery, Installation and Commissioning
  • Customer Care

At the end of article, you will learn what Hwacheon Machine Tools does to ensure a premium
customer experiences and top-notch quality in all our machines.
Ready to journey with us? Let’s go!

#1 Manufacturing of Key Components & Raw Materials

The mechanical components of CNC machine tool are designed to be rigid and strong in order to
achieve accuracy and precision of quickly moving parts like the following:

  • Casting
  • Chucks & Gears
  • Spindle
  • Guideway
  • Sheet Metal

In the past, most CNC machine tools were custom made and built to customers’ specifications.
When manufacturing trend progress with standardized design to perform the basic operations of most
users, CNC machine tools can be mass produced for stock, quick deliveries and at lower prices.

This leads to the formation of supporting industries in fabricating of casting, spindles, chucks and
gears and other necessary components such as sheet metal.

In such scenario, the key components of the machines are not manufactured by the CNC machine
tool manufacturer but outsourced and purchased from sub-suppliers. To ensure durability, Meehanite cast iron is often the material of choice for metal working machines.

Hwacheon manufactures its key components with high quality raw materials in its own facilities
within South Korea. Own facilities include the foundry which uses for example Meehanite casting for
spindle housing, machine bed, work tables and other main machine components such as chuck & gear
manufacturing, spindle production and assembly facilities. The high precision box guide ways are also
inductive hardened, grinded and hand scraped to perfection. For Linear guide ways, only reputable
suppliers from Germany are good enough. Similarily, we use bearings from selected German or Japanese manufacturers that can meet our high standards. 

#2 Integrating Supplier Components in CNC Machine Tools

Working with the right suppliers is critical to ensure that any machine tool – CNC lathe, milling
machine or a multi-axis machining center – is well made. Good relations with the key suppliers also
ensure efficient and prompt technology updates and support.

At Hwacheon, while the core components like machine beds and spindles are usually made inhouse,
other key components are sourced from suppliers with reputable brands which are recognized as experts in their field. They may include the CNC controls, motors, glass scales, LM linear guides,
ballscrews and bearings used in the machines. To ensure that quality isn’t compromised, these parts
are normally sourced from reputable suppliers operating in countries like Germany or Japan.

#3 Assembly of CNC Machines

In the manufacturing process for a CNC machine tool, it is important to consider how the different
components are assembled into a finished machine.

This could involve a series of steps involving sub-assembly of different sections before the finished
machine is made. Typically, the different parts of a CNC machine tool may include the following:

  • Headstock: This is where the main motor and spindle unit is located.
  • Machine Bed: for example on CNC Lathes, where the tool turret would travel and the headstock mounted on.
  • Chuck: The chuck of a CNC lathe grips the component to be manufactured. On machining centres, it may include various vices, clamps or fixtures.
  • Tailstock: These are used to provide additional support and stability to ensure vibration free operation during machining of larger shafts.
  • Tool Turret or ATC: These contain the various cutting tools used for the machining process, and are interchangeable.
  • CNC Control : Also known as the ‘brain’ of the CNC Machine Tool, this unit incorporates not only the different CNC programmes, but allowing the control over the whole machine through functions and commands via the CNC programmes.
  • In addition to CNC programs, Hwacheon’s machining software monitors the different variables related to your machining environment, making adjustments to temperature changes, ensures to deliver the best quality results and greatly optimizes the work efficiency.

To ensure stability, precision and durability, special care must be given in assembling a fully built machine tool.

#4 Quality Control & Testing

Quality in a CNC machine tool must be incorporated from design till delivery and installation throughout.

Once a CNC machine tool is completed, it is important to carry out specific trials and tests to ensure quality and accuracy. These rigorous inspection procedures and the data obtained are fully documented for each machine tool, information can be provided to customers with utmost assurance that the CNC machine tool is ready for use.

Some of these tests may not only include laser inspection but also inspecting results by machining specific test components which are machined by turning or milling operations. The achieved accuracy will give a clear picture how the machine will perform in daily use using CNC coordinate measuring machines or other specialised control equipment. Various positioning and cutting tests are also carried out to ensure that components made could meet high standards of tolerances.

A maybe simple but yet important test is the 24 hours leak test. Here the machine will move in all
axis and coolant at high pressure is used. This will ensure that the machine cabin is tight and no leaks
are happening.

#5 Packing, Documentation and Shipping

Once the machine tool is ready, the CNC Machine Tool maker needs to work with the right packaging supplier to ensure that the equipment is carefully packed to be transported to prevent risk of shock and damage during transit.

CNC machine tools are shipped with special care and handling to avoid shocks. The original test charts are recorded for reference, when necessary. Today, more and more environment friendly metal packing is being used to reduce environmental footprint of the shipping process.

In this area, specialised logistics partners are required for both domestic and international shipping and handling. This should cover every step of the packing, documentation and conveyance of the machine – literally from door-to-door.

#6 Delivery and Onsite Installation at Customer Premises

Prior to the delivery, it is important for machine users to consider various factors such as their existing production layout, maximum floor load capacity, space configurations, and other factors in order for the machine to fit into their working spaces. The power supply must be sufficient and stable.
The air supply used must also be clean, dry and sufficient for the machine operations. 

To ensure customer satisfaction, it is important that the delivered machines are installed and commissioned by factory-trained engineers. Also, their role is to train and guide the machine operators on the basic usage of the machine and how to prevent a machine crash or collision of work piece with the tool. Regular maintenance is very important for the smooth and trouble free usage over many years.

#7 Customer Care

Last, but certainly not least, it is important for customers of CNC machine tools to receive regular and ongoing support from their CNC machine tool suppliers.

To ensure that this is provided, service engineers from the CNC machine tool company needs to keep their skills updated through continuous inhouse training.

They can also gain access to a comprehensive knowledge bank in machine tool manufacturing, and are able to identify, troubleshoot and repair any issues that may arise in the use of their machines at client premises.

Hwacheon – Your Partner for CNC Machine Tools

To ensure that your CNC machine tools are mechanically sound, precisely designed, and meticulously built, you’ll need to choose the right brand.

This is where Hwacheon Machine Tools come in.

Focused on providing cost-effective solutions for our clients over the long-term, we have honed our research and production capabilities over almost seven decades on building improved machines and designs. Unlike some other machine tool companies, we handle the entire process inhouse or work with top-notch partners.

Our products are designed inhouse, critical components and parts produced inhouse. Our machines are also assembled inhouse, as is our high quality control processes.

This focus on quality helped us to grow in the last 15 years from a domestic focused company to a worldwide operating group.

What makes us different is that we do not just manufacture machine tools but supply high precision products to various industries. By doing so, we receive feedback from customers across myriad manufacturing firms around the world, allowing us to learn and evolve each day. This helps us to innovate and create new designs and enhanced performance with each new machine that we roll out.

They include multi-axis machines that provide solutions of “High Mix – Low Volume” manufacturing conditions as well as smart machines that greatly reduces time and effort from operators.

Today, many manufacturers of machine tool solutions focus on numbers over quality. They purchase components from cheaper suppliers, and focus purely on assembly. Others may work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) vendors to completely outsource their machine manufacturing process.

Unlike these manufacturers, Hwacheon is one of the very few machine tool manufacturers that designs and produces its CNC Machine Tools entirely inhouse.

Our depth of manufacturing, continuous development, and use of high-quality materials and components ensure that we produce high quality products that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

This is the mantra of our business, and the meaning behind our mission: “Made in Korea * Made by Hwacheon….. Simply Quality”

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