Learn why more factories are switching to

High Productivity 5-Axis Machining Center D2-5AX

Save Manpower with Single Set up Machining

Save Manhours with 5-Sides or 5-Axis Capabilities

Save Costs with Single Machine, Standard Tooling and Simple Clamping

Adapt “High Mix – Low Volume” Production

Increase Profit with Flexible Engineering / Production Solutions

7 Winning Features of D2-5AX Machining Center

Rigid & Stable Machine Structure
Advanced Spindle Technology
High Rigid LM guide for Every Axis (Roller)
High Precision Rotary Table
Optimized for Automated Systems (Robots, AWC, APC)
Cater to a wide range of materials
User Friendly Design

5 Reasons Why D2-5AX Is Right For Your Factory

Rigid Overall Mechanical Design and Built of Machine Bed & Frame

Single Setup Machining “Done-in-One” in a Single Operation

Higher Speed & Accurate Machining – Liquid Cooled Bearing Spindle!

Optimized Performance with Hwacheon Software Solutions

Better Machine ROI with ”High Mix – Low Volume” Quality Production

Find out if the D2-5AX is for you

Is The 5-Axis Machining Center D2-5AX Right For You?

Why Hwacheon Machine Tools?

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We helped to pioneer South Korea’s industrial revolution.


Our researchers continually improve the entire manufacturing processes.

Superior Machine Durability

Every Hwacheon CNC Machine Tool is custom-manufactured inhouse.

Local Service &

We provide direct technical support and on-site services.

Hear What Our Customers Say about D2-5AX

“The D2-5AX impresses with its flexible applications where components are frequently changed and volumes varied, regardless what materials are being used.” 

Precision Mold Shop


“D2-5AX with AWC 20 is a worthwhile investment. Greatly improves production processes in speed, accuracy and precision; and production cost reduction to a minimum.”

Aerospace Parts Production

Production Manager

“The 5-Axis and automation solutions of D2-5AX brings our manufacturing to the next level, with solutions needed to boost productivity and cutting edge.”

Precision Part Manufacturing

Managing Director

“The accuracy experienced is far better as our previous machine. The spindle with 37Kw and 14,000rpm offers great flexibility and power for even larger tools or toughest material.”

Precision Engineering Company

General Manager

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