Like other major capital investments, choosing the wrong machine tool can be frustrating and costly in terms of time, money and manpower.

To avoid all that stress, look out for the following from your machine tool distributor before signing on the dotted line:

  • EXPERIENCE: Is the company you are buying from experienced in fabricating quality machine tools? How many years are they in the business?
  • EXPERT CRAFTSMANSHIP: Does your machine tool manufacturer have in-depth expertise in precision manufacturing of machine tool parts or does assemble only?
  • TRAINING: Do they provide adequate training, complete with comprehensive manuals?
  • SOFTWARE UPGRADES: Are regular updates to the CNC software provided by the manufacturer?
  • WARRANTY: Is there some form of onsite and extended warranty provided?
  • SPARE PARTS: Are there spare parts that are readily and quickly available to minimise downtime?
  • RESEARCH & INNOVATION: Is the company you are buying from at the forefront of precision engineering and manufacturing technology?

Based in South Korea with over 66 years of experience, Hwacheon Machine Tools is the first company in the world to develop smart operating systems for its CNC machine tools.

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