Here’s how to reduce costs and increase productivity

The new C2 is unique in the machine tool world and hailed as the Star of HWACHEON. Cutting edge technology of a Turning Center with Modern Automatic Tool Changer, you can look forward to high productivity, enhanced machining stability and reduced production costs through Multiplex Machining, a combination of turning and milling operations.

Key Features

  • Standard 8” chuck (option 10”). Up to six (6) axis available.
  • True Y-axis providing +/- 60mm without restrictions and limitations.
  • Main spindle motor is designed as “built-in” type with 5,000rpm and 477Nm torque.
  • Machine turret is designed as “wide turret” with 18 stations for fixed or live tools.
  • Milling tools with 4,000rpm, Air-Oil cooling and 5.5Kw power (option 6,000rpm).
  • A total of 29 tools in a C2 vs common 12 station turret on CNC lathes
  • Quick change over of tools with CAPTO C4 system.
  • Excellent chip disposal inside the machining area due to vertical machine design
  • Part catcher with integrated part conveyor is optional available.
  •  A number of HWACHEON developed software options are designed for optimization and
    monitoring of various machining processes.

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