Vertical Turning Lathes (VTL) also known as Vertical Turning Centers, have seen continuous developments since its inception. New versions of Vertical Turning Lathes incorporate many productive technologies and nowadays are much stronger, versatile and with improved rigidity.

Key Benefits of Vertical Turning Lathes (VTL)

Vertical Turning Lathes (VTL) utilize the advantage of gravity to reinforce the stability of workpieces during processing operations. The weight of the workpiece sits on the machine spindle which is mounted on the machine bed and disperse load straight down into the machine’s foundation.

Use of extra clamping devices can be minimized and thus reduces clamping force required for workpiece holding. Part is mainly hold by a chuck.

Adding basically only the cutting forces, there will be no additional load on the spindle, the precision and accuracy of finished parts are enhanced. Components are clamped by the chuck which is mounted on top of the machine spindle, increase stability and rigidity while allowing an increased weight of the workpieces.


Key Features of Hwacheon Vertical Turning Centers VT Series

The distinct feature for Hwacheon’s Vertical Turning Centers is the heavy-duty, high-power cutting abilities at highest accuracy and repeatable precision. 

Designed for small to large parts in dimensions and weight, Hwacheon manufactures a full range of Vertical Turning Lathes the VT SeriesVT-450 / VT-650 / VT-950+ / VT-1150+ from 10” to 50” chuck.

  • The VT Series features unique one-piece machine bed in Mehanite casting which limits thermal distortion, absorbs vibration effectively and produces high surface quality and precision at high speed. 
  • The solid box way guide design used for all axes including Hwacheon’s proprietary air floating technology further limit vibration and displacement which may occur from friction heat. 
  • High performance spindle with built-in high torque gear offers extra high torque at low speed operations and stability as well as precision.  
  • The maximum turning diameter over the full Z-axis travelling range is guaranteed by the exceptional travelling column design, providing interference free operations over the full Z-axis stroke distance. 
  • The milling function is powered by C-Axis gear box and servo motor allows the functionalities similar to a complete Machining Center, in three axis simultaneously to perform turning, milling, drilling and tapping operations in one setting. 
  • Automation Systems are available for integration with Hwacheon’s Vertical Turning Centers.  Cutting flexibilities with more processing possibilities are increased. 


Common Applications of Vertical Turning Centers

Some common parts and components produced on Made-by-Hwacheon Vertical Turning Centers (VTL) : 

The rigidity and accuracy of Hwacheon’s Vertical Turning Centers have enabled manufacturers to process components made from challenging materials such as cast iron, stainless steel and also Inconel and Titanium. Producing tight tolerance in production runs with specific surface finish and quality is no longer a struggle. 

Various large size tools can be placed outside the machining area in an optional available magazine. The 12 station Turret can hold up-to 12 live tools, enable several cutting processes without interruption. Therefore, optimal machining can be achieved for components used in transport industry, construction machinery, heavy duty trucks, wind power generation, aerospace, etc. 

Hwacheon’s reliable VT Series (VT-450 / VT-650 / VT-950+ / VT-1150+) is known to provide highest performance at very competitive price. They have been installed and operating in worldwide industries like automobile, aerospace, plant & machinery, shipbuilding, energy, oil & gas and many more.

We often learn best when we learn from each other. Do look out for our new upsize model between VT-1150+ and VT-2000, designed and developed based on customers’ feedbacks and request. Let us know if you are keen, we will keep you posted when this new machine will be launched.

For extra-large and extra heavy components, Hwacheon offers Heavy Duty RAM Type Vertical Turning Centers VT-2000, VT-3000 and VT-4500  with movable Crossrail design for large sized precision machining, which include turning, milling as well as boring and threading.


Which Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL) is best for your application?

Besides understanding the market trends and demands, knowing your customers’ current and planned volume of work plays an important role in the machine selection. 

Choosing the right Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL) / Vertical Turning Center is critical to achieving optimal performance in your production. Configuring your VTL with the necessary options and automation systems can enhance the flexibility and productivity of your VTL which can largely support and increase your chances of successful competition in the global market. 

At Hwacheon, we understand the goals and objectives of manufacturers because many operations in our CNC machine manufacturing facilities are just like yours. 

Contact us for a discussion or to view a Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL) near you. 

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