We’re back !

This time with a focused and practical showcase for the global key industries – SMART Machining, BEYOND Automation

With niche capabilities in precision engineering and smart manufacturing, Hwacheon will showcase its new and popular CNC Machines and Automation Systems. Our new exclusive controller Harmony and 5 PC software applications will also make their debut.

Some of our NEW machines on display :

5-Axis Machining Centers – M1-5AX / D3-5AX

Flexibility, speed, accuracy and performance optimization. Designed for “High Mix Low Volume” manufacturing.

Vertical Machining Centers – VESTA-1300 / VESTA-1650 / L3

Part manufacturing with flexibility, from the simplest to the most complex, precisely and cost effectively.

Vertical Turning Center with Y-Axis – VT-650Y

The only VTL with additional Y-Axis in Korea, Turret type – World’s first.

Horizonal Turning Centers

Hi-TECH 230A with Gantry System. Hi-TECH 550YMC with exclusive Controller Harmony.

Quality is inherent and they are all Made in South Korea.

Whether your interest is in machining of intricate parts, complex parts, cylindrical parts, large or even extra large parts, we have an exacting solution for you.

We look forward to welcome you at HWACHEON booth.

In case you are unable to visit our booth and are keen to know more about any of the new and exhibited machines, please let us know. We would be most glad to send you the requested information.


Want to know more about Hwacheon’s new and exhibited machines?

Please feel free to contact us for a discussion or for more information.