Precise. Powerful. Productive

Since its debut in 2019, hundreds of Horizontal Turning Center Hi-TECH 230 have been installed and in operation globally! 

We want to share what makes Hi-TECH 230 a successful turning center – one that has been used by many manufacturers for small to mid-size turning components even with the most challenging criteria.  

Also, the demands for such Horizontal Turning Center give a clear indication on the industry trends in CNC turning for small to mid-size components.

Proven Past. Innovative Future. Meet the Hi-TECH 230

Horizontal Turning Center Hi-TECH 230 is a redesigned and upgraded as well as enhanced version of the very successful and popular Hi-TECH 300, with improved and modern features:

  • New enhanced machine structure & rigidity
  • Enhanced feed system rigidity for X-Axis
  • Y-Axis capability
  • Upgraded main spindle motor
  • Highest turnmill motor power in class
  • Extended maximum bar diameter
  • Wide Turret design
  • Optional with Sub-spindle
  • Possible to apply 24 positions index turret
  • Easy integration with automation systems

The strong basis for this high-quality machine series is its box-way designed guideway system. The widest dimensioned guideways in the market, hardened to over 60HRC, grinded with highest precision, hand scraped by masters to perfection. 

The most impressive thing about the renewed Hi-TECH 230 is what’s inside the machine. 

The casting for the one-piece slanted bed structure is manufactured by our very own Hwacheon Foundry. The chucks and spindles are also manufactured in our own factories in South Korea. As our factories can control these Made-by-Hwacheon components, the quality and performance of the machine is ensured.


Hi-TECH 230 the Multi-Tasker and Flexibility Champion

Hi-TECH 230 is available from standard 2-Axis CNC Lathe to a powerful 5-Axis Multi-Tasking Turning Center. Selection of A, B or C version with different spindle bore and chuck sizes from 8” to 10”. Selection from standard length to “L” (long) or “XL” (extra long) for shaft work applications.

In the short span of 3 years, Hi-TECH 230 gains its popularity with manufacturers due to its multi-tasking capabilities in processing small part turning to shaft workpieces, and ease in automation integration. 

Synchronization and utilization of both main and sub spindle allows simultaneous and / or complete processing for optimal productivity. Y-Axis provides multi-face and multi-axis machining, off-center operations and circular interpolation for X and Y axes. 

Fast and precision results with high torque, high-speed turning, as well as milling, drilling and tapping performance of a machining center. 

⚙️ Gear hobbing and power skiving are definitely possible, from roughing to finishing in one setup.

Hi-TECH 230 Operates Internationally

Horizontal Turning Center Hi-TECH 230 are manufactured and shipped from our very own factories to various industries in South Korea, Asia, Europe, North and South America including India, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and South Africa. 

Companies and business owners who invested in Hi-TECH 230 favour the machine for its flexibility in producing small turned parts from single piece to thousands of pieces. 

Hi-TECH 230 is preferred than most turning centers found in the industry for its strengths in highest rigidity, speed, consistent accuracy, ability to machine with ease modern materials such as Inconel, heat resistant stainless steel or titanium. 

⚙️ Manufacturers no longer need to compromise between cycle time and quality.


Hi-TECH 230 Owners & Users

The success of Hi-TECH 230 would not have been possible if it weren’t for our supportive customers. 

Hi-TECH 230 brings together advanced turning technology and exceptional performance in multi-tasking capabilities with turning and milling as well as many other operations in a single setup. 

Hi-TECH 230 offers a broad range of configurations, options, machining software, and the flexibility to integrate automation systems such as bar feeder, robot or made-by-Hwacheon Gantry System, which allow high increase in machine utilization. 

These flexibilities allow manufacturers to perfectly match the right level of machine to their specific manufacturing needs. 

Manufacturers are typically from industries such as automotive, medical, optics, oil & gas, general part, precision manufacturing, mould & die, aerospace, electronics and many more. 

⚙️ For existing Hi-TECH 230 users, it is possible to add Gantry System GR-5. 

See what’s possible as the Hi-TECH 230 evolves to help you grow your business. View video here : 

Why Hi-TECH 230

The basis for our approach in the manufacturing of CNC Machines is “Mechanical Stability”. These include ensuring top-notch quality and precision, extreme durability through use of premium raw materials and top-grade casting technologies, and utmost precision through years of craftsmanship.

You can expect even more smart and practical ways to cost-effective production with Hwacheon Horizontal Turning Center Hi-TECH 230.

⚙️ For other CNC machining demands in terms of size and table load, Hwacheon offers a comprehensive range of high-quality Horizontal Turning Centers: 

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Wish to double or even triple your production results with more flexibilities in multi-tasking? Contact us for a discussion or to view a Hi-TECH 230 near you.