“High Mix – Low Volume” Production - Hwacheon Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

 Here’s how to reduce costs and increase productivity

The new C2 is unique in the machine tool world and hailed as the Star of HWACHEON. Cutting edge technology of a Turning Center with Modern Automatic Tool Changer, you can look forward to high productivity, enhanced machining stability and reduced production costs through Multiplex Machining, a combination of turning and milling operations.

Key Features

  • Standard 8” chuck (option 10”). Up to six (6) axis available.
  • True Y-axis providing +/- 60mm without restrictions and limitations.
  • Main spindle motor is designed as “built-in” type with 5,000rpm and 477Nm torque.
  • Machine turret is designed as “wide turret” with 18 stations for fixed or live tools.
  • Milling tools with 4,000rpm, Air-Oil cooling and 5.5Kw power (option 6,000rpm).
  • A total of 29 tools in a C2 vs common 12 station turret on CNC lathes
  • Quick change over of tools with CAPTO C4 system.
  • Excellent chip disposal inside the machining area due to vertical machine design
  • Part catcher with integrated part conveyor is optional available.
  •  A number of HWACHEON developed software options are designed for optimization and
    monitoring of various machining processes.

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