Rapidly advancing CNC technology is driving innovation everywhere, especially in CNC machine tools and software. The key to being able to innovate and remain competitive is to take advantage of the technology trends adapting to market demands.

Hwacheon is powered by technology and market demands and our collective mission is to deliver more quality products into the shop floors of manufacturing companies.

The newest edition to Hwacheon successful Hi-TECH Line – Hi-TECH 750.
CNC Lathe with 15 – 24” chuck and solid box guide ways in all axis.

The creation of the HI-TECH 750 was following the very successful Hi-TECH 850 series which was launched more than ten years ago. Till today, every Hi-TECH 850 produced and delivered, some equipped with custom made variations and specifications, are in operation every day.

The new Hi-TECH 750 adopts the same successful path as the Hi-TECH 850, where the machine’s standard, variations and options are wide and flexible and can be utilised in practically all industries and applications.

Even-Better-Performance-Hi-Tech-750 by Hwacheon Asia Pacific

Applications of Horizontal Turning Center Hi-TECH 750

The modern design of Hi-TECH 750 gives a clear signal to the market, that this is not only a new Horizontal Turning Centre available for the various markets, but also a modern and further enhanced machine specifically designed to market and customers’ feedbacks and application needs. From standard 2-axis to multi-axis machining including the requirements for modern manufacturing, all these has been considered and are the focus of our R&D team during product development.

The flexibility of H-TECH 750 also provides multi-axis turning for large shaft type application and complex parts which require turning OD & ID as well as milling, drilling & tapping operations. From standard steel to modern tough materials such as Inconel, titanium; stainless steel, high tensile stainless steel, the extraordinary machine structure and design will be the basis for all variations and applications demands.

7 Key Features of Horizontal Turning Center Hi-TECH 750

The Hwacheon principle is that, key functions are standards and included at no extra cost, such as:

  1. Precision main spindle including “Oil-Jet Lubrication System for Bearings including a high capacity Oil Cooling & Filter Unit”.
  2. Powerful direct main drive with gear box (no belt drive) with up-to 45Kw and a torque up-to 6,560Nm torque (subject to CNC control system selected).
  3. High capacity milling drive system with up-to 11.3Kw and 215Nm torque available.
  4. Wide turret disk (280mm width) and full usable twelve (12) station with BMT 85 tooling holder standard.
  5. Programmable built-in tailstock which provides not only a very rigid and solid support to even most heavy workpieces, but compensates automatically the growth / shrinking rate of a warming / cooling workpiece.
  6. Available spindle bore sizes are diameter 132mm or 185mm, resulting in a bar size of 116 or 164mm respectively.
  7. Big Bore versions will follow suit.
Even-Better-Performance-Hi-Tech-750 by Hwacheon Asia Pacific

What Makes Horizontal Turning Center Hi-TECH 750 Different

  • The best and most comprehensive machine structure design in the market – period. Made to support all cutting conditions without compromise.
  • Not only a simple “Slant Bed” design but a “Trapezoidal-Designed Machine Bed”. The strong and dynamic tailstock is mounted at the slant bed section of the machine so is the optional available steady rest base for hydraulic as well as standard manual steady rest versions. The unit for X – Z and Y-axis is mounted on a solid “Flat-Bed Design” to ensure highest stability and accuracy at all times and conditions. No compromise, no lower cost design on a Hwacheon machine.
  • Triangular Saddle is a highly optimized unit where our Y-axis can perform without limitations or chattering or weaker performance results. Users of “Hi-TECH Line Products” do know the difference compared to competitors.
Even-Better-Performance-Hi-Tech-750 by Hwacheon Asia Pacific
  • Evidence is provided with the basic machine bed weight for our Hi-TECH 750 short version (2,250m). 8 tons of high quality meehanite casting, extra wide guide way designs and sizes, providing extreme stable cutting conditions. Available length sizes are 2.25m / 3.25m & 4.25m.
  • Wide dimensioned Solid Box Guide Way Design, the by far widest and strongest in its class.
Even-Better-Performance-Hi-Tech-750 by Hwacheon Asia Pacific
  • Ball screw diameters, in all axis, are 63mm and are made by German manufacturer.
  • Enhanced user convenience is provided through new designed spindle drive system which is bringing the machines main spindle centre closer to the operator (546.5mm).
  • Optional is a modern programmable steady rest base available, providing everything a customer would need to use manual or hydraulic steady rest of various make and sizes.
  • Customer can choose a bracket where the steady rest can be mounted at left or right side or if preferred for ultimo flexibility at both sides. Customer just has to inform to us which brand, what size and what type he needs for his applications.
Even-Better-Performance-Hi-Tech-750 by Hwacheon Asia Pacific
  • A large and deep pocket (above spindle / chuck) is providing easy operation for long boring bars. Users worldwide appreciate very much, that in our machines large and long boring bars (up-to max. diam. 80 x 800mm) can be left mounted at turret unit and still standard operations are possible to conduct with other tools mounted at turret. Larger and longer boring bar solutions are available at customers request.
Even-Better-Performance-Hi-Tech-750 by Hwacheon Asia Pacific
  • The large dimensioned front doors of Hi-TECH 750 provide wide dimensioned safety windows for easy view during operation. Optional auto door function is available.
  • Maintenance is made easy as coolant tank and chip conveyor can be moved out from under the machine to the front. Avoiding otherwise difficulties when a conveyor needs to be dragged to the right side, and avoiding loss of space.
  • Operator panel has been designed to enhance convenience when controlling machine operations and set-up of new workpieces.
  • Manual Guide i or SIEMENS Shop Turn are available for easy programming of standard operations. The individual machining cycles for OD & ID turning, boring / drilling, tapping and threading and milling operations are supported by colour graphic displays, make it very easy and convenient for operators to program.
  • Various Made by Hwacheon software options are available for selection, to support and enhance specific machining task and conditions. Such as:
    • Additional M & G code list
    • L-HTLD Lathe Hwacheon Tool Load Detect
    • L-CAL Lathe Calculator Function
    • L-COUNT Lathe Work / Tool Counter Management
    • L-WCMP Lathe – Workpiece Clamp of Chuck
    • M-Vision Plus

One point will be unmistakably recognized immediately when users stay in front of the new Hi-TECH 750:
“That’s a mechanically strong Hwacheon machine, made in-house at Hwacheon factories in Korea – made by experienced machine tool people, from casting to finished machine”

Wish to learn more about this new Horizontal Turning Center Hi-TECH 750?

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