Designed to machine long slender parts, large plates and multi clamping applications.

Double Column Vertical Machining Center L1 / L2 features Made-by-Hwacheon BT / BBT 40 spindles with 10,000 – 15,000rpm, providing high flexibility to machine parts requiring long X-axis travels at high speed with best accuracy and top quality surface finishes.

With travel ranges of X = 1500 to 3000mm, Y = 950 to 1100 (1200)mm, Z = 500mm, it provides a combination with superior technology, machine design and built.

The L-series is designed to cater for highest requirements in part manufacturing applications in terms of accuracy and surface quality. The machines are at first “Mechanically Rigid and Accurate” by using a double column structure. After, the electronic is used to fine tune the machine precision to the last micron.

Another major consideration to use this specific machine design (long X with shorter Y-axis) had been provided by specific industries’ feedback, to provide a solution with high performance, reliable machining centre at a very cost effective and affordable investment.

Key features of L1 & L2

Key Features of L1 & L2
  • Double Column Machining Centre optimized for many different applications with enhanced static accuracy.
  • Supported by the BRIDGE type structure it provides best rigidity with optimum dynamic.
  • Every effort is made to ensure user friendly handling and operation.
    • For examples:

    • The two screw type conveyors at both sides of the table ensure even higher volume of chips are disposed and moved to the Hinge type conveyor.
    • Both chip augers / conveyors are running in isolating shields to avoid, that heat or vibrations being transferred to the machine body.
    • Just 700mm is the table surface away from the shop floor.
    • Fully enclosed splash guard design standard.
  • The sliding doors at operator side provide a large opening to load and unload even biggest parts. (Door opening is wider than the X-axis length).
  • Furthermore, the internal machining area is fully covered with plates to protect the casting frame from heat generated by chips.
  • High quality large dimensioned Linear Roller Guideways are mounted on the FEM designed solid casting structure for optimum stability and precision during operation.
ball screws directly connected with axis motor
  • All ball screws are directly connected with the axis motor and use high precision couplings to eliminate any backlash.
  • The Z-axis movements are supported by two Linear Roller Guideways and six (6) Guideway Shoes to minimize any deflection errors.
  • Further enhancement to the accuracy and rigidity of this machines is provided by the extreme small overhang and the centre of gravity of the spindle to the drive point (Guideway).
  • Various spindles are available for this machine. From 10 – 12 to 15,000rpm providing a good platform of highest flexibility in many applications.
  • The direct motor spindles, like the entire machine as well, are designed and made in-house by Hwacheon in South Korea.
  • The spindle, the heart of any machine tool, is using the unique and proven Hwacheon Lubrication and Cooling system. Ensuring that long machining cycles at high spindle speeds are not becoming an issue. The heat is being controlled by the segmented cooling system, the high quality bearings are operating at any given time in controlled lubrication environment. Enough Oil at any given time.
  • Tooling systems for L-series spindles are available in BT 40, CAT or SK 40 (subject to countries and on request), optional BBT-40 and HSK-A63.
  • The direct drive Motor spindle delivers power of 18.5Kw and 117.7 Nm of torque.
    Providing performance and power during roughing operations and ensure Rpm & Feed rates are matched for optimum cutting condition and resulting in good surface results.
  • CTS (Coolant Through Spindle) system is optional available with 30 or 70bar.
  • The L-Series can be equipped with Linear Glass Scales in X-Y-Z to achieve even higher accuracy standards.
The Hwacheon Vertical Machining Center SIRIUS-UM+ works with M-Vision Plus II
  • As all Hwacheon machining centres are delivered as standard with a comprehensive package of individually Hwacheon designed software packages, the L-Series also has this package included. Either to control temperature changes or to optimize the machine dynamics to individual application needs.
  • A step towards Industry 4.0 is the Hwacheon M-Vision Plus II software. Knowing what your machine is doing at any given time and place, plus learn how effective your machine is operating for you.
Hwacheon L series
The Hwacheon L-Series is the typical Double Column Machining Centre but designed for a variety of specific applications. Long slim parts or multiple workpieces – the L-series ensures effective and cost efficient manufacturing.

Examples: semiconductor industries; precision part manufacturing; aerospace structural parts; non-ferrous or steel material applications; the range is wide yet specific, the L-series provides an optimized application platform.

Available now, based on the most successful and reliable CNC system, FANUC 0i MF Plus.

For other machine demands in terms of size and table load, Hwacheon offers a comprehensive range of high quality Double Column Machining Centres:

SIRIUS-1250 / SIRIUS-1350 / SIRIUS-1750 / SIRIUS-2500

As well as Travelling Column Machining Centres HiRex-4000 / 5000 / 6000.

Wish to learn more about Hwacheon Machining Centres SIRIUS-Series / L-series?