The Hwacheon Story

“Hwacheon means the spring of wealth by tenacity to pursue world-class quality, a sincerity that captures the “soul” and honesty for the products.”

Founded in 1945 by our late Honorary Chairman Kwon Seung Gwan, Hwacheon is a pioneer and leader in the Korean machine tool industry. We are one of the first companies in the world to develop smart operating systems and automation software for our CNC machine tools. Backed by over half a century of experience, Hwacheon’s strength also lies in the deep vertical integration of CNC machine tool manufacturing.

Experience Aerial View of Hwacheon’s Factory

Hwacheon’s Core Manufacturing Strengths

Tradition & Technology

Hwacheon’s main competitive edge lies in our ceaseless R&D efforts to produce high quality machines that exceeds customer expectations. With decades of machine tool experience, we continually challenge ourselves, creating synergy through the vertical systematization of machine tools.

Foundry & Casting

To ensure the durability and precision of our machines, Hwacheon uses premium raw materials and unique casting technologies. Production of top grade casting products like machine beds and other major components are carried out at our production plants using certified processes.

Expertise & Craftmanship

Over the years, Hwacheon has finely honed its skill in manual scraping, achieving the utmost precision which only experienced masters can perform. This allows us to build machine tools with unparalled accuracy that can absorb vibrations and transfer materials stably during heavy-cutting.

Watch Hwacheon’s mastery in Spindle Assembly

Hwacheon’s Machine Tool Innovations & Inventions

A pioneer of machine tools in Korea, Hwacheon has continually rolled out multiple inventions and innovations in the industry over the years. We invite you to follow us on our journey below.

  • First company to develop direct-coupled belt-driven manual lathe

  • Developed gear-driven automatic lathe

  • Developed Korea’s first NC lathe, WNCL-300

  • Developed Korea’s first NC milling machine, VN-85K

  • Developed Korea’s first CNC copy milling machine, COPMIL-600

  • Developed Korea’s first NC 4-axis lathe, ECOSTAR-3

  • Developed vertical high speed machining center, SIRIUS-U

  • Started automobile parts business (produced 30,000 cylinder blocks) using horizontal machining center, ECOMIL-65VH)

  • Developed mold machining center, SIRIUS Series

  • Developed smart machine tool, SMART-UaX