Driven by the increasingly sophisticated components required by advanced industries like aerospace, automotive, medical, robotics, semiconductor part manufacturing, CNC machine tool manufacturers are constantly developing newer, more effective, and more powerful machining technologies. 

The demands for process shortening and automation are also increasing. Smaller workpieces tend to demand higher accuracy, especially for medical implant parts where accuracy is essential to the last micron. 

5-Axis machining, when used and operated correctly, is the most suited as the crucial manufacturing technique in producing intricate and complex parts with difficult to machine materials, and within tight tolerances.



Like many growing businesses, these challenges may sound familiar to you:

Production space constraints
❗ Limited manufacturing capacity and capability of your machines
❗ Ever increasing complexity of parts with tighter tolerances
❗ Setting up individual processes take too much time
❗ Too much non-productive times of your machines
❗ Difficulties in meeting timely parts deliveries
❗ Overheating of machine spindle issues
❗ Or even machine crash

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The Solution?


Compact Size 5-Axis Machining Center M1-5AX

M1-5AX is a compact size and high precision simultaneous 5-Axis Machining Center designed with specifications optimized to meet today’s machining trends.

M1-5AX is suitable for job shops where a high variety of parts need to be machined in low batch numbers and frequently repeating, for manufacturing sites where high precision and maximum complexity are required for parts and shapes, and where factory space is a constraint.

M1-5-AX is the newest 5-Axis Machining Center added to the successful M-Series which consist of M2-5AX, M3-5AX and M4-5AX

💡 The ability to deliver the right parts at the right time, and to be profitable, is the key to successful manufacturing.


#1 Accuracy

M1-5AX 5-Axis Machining Center is capable of simultaneous 5-sided machining with unparalleled precision, stability, and speed. 

The table of up to 300 mm diameter rotates with the unit angle of 0.0001 degree, enabling more precise table rotation. Additionally, it provides a machining environment without either backlash or noise through the roller gear drive. 

For high torque and high precision machining, roller gear drive which help to minimize friction and heat generation, is applied in the rotary and tilting table (B-Axis and C-Axis). 

In 5-Axis machining, the performance of the rotary table is crucial in contributing to the high accuracy and precision machined parts. The 2-Axis CNC rotary table, developed and manufactured by Hwacheon, provides mechanical stability and high strength. 

A powerful hydraulic clamping system is also applied to it to exert strong holding force for precise machining. 

Machined components are highly dimensional accurate with high quality surface finish, complying to the stringent requirements of the aerospace, medical part manufacturing and other complex parts which require tight tolerances. 


#2 Speed

M1-5AX full 5-Axis Machining Center enables a single setup for parts that require multiple processes which greatly reduces machining time and extends the life span of tool.

The shape of the spindle is optimized by considering the rotary table’s movement to minimize interference during machining. 

With the Hwacheon Oil-Jet cooling method, where cooling oil is pumped directly onto the bearings, the bearings’ temperature can be effectively controlled to enhance the spindle’s strength and lifespan, which allow for even more precise and high-speed machining. 

A variation of spindles is available – for general applications 37 Kw / 20,000 rpm / 221 Nm torque to high-speed machining with 18.5Kw / 32,000 rpm / 5.9 Nm torque.

The maximum feed and rapid rates for X / Y / Z axes at 36 / 36 / 36 m/min provides high speed machining which improve production efficiency and minimize cutting time drastically.


#3 Stability

The faster a machine needs to perform in all axes, the more rigid should be the mechanical structure of the machine. 

Hydraulic table clamping system applied on B and C axes enhance high rigidity during machining.  

Minimum design height is applied between the base frame and the ground enable vibration that occur during machining to be dissipated as it is close to the ground, further minimizes the effect of vibration. The low structure design also enhances the machine performance in terms of stability and precision. 

Though compact in size, the M1-5AX boasts a weight of 9,500 kg due to its stable cast iron machine structure, manufactured by Hwacheon Foundry in South Korea.  

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#4 Flexibility

M1-5AX full 5-Axis Machining Center is built to cater for highest standards of small size mould & die manufacturing or to fulfil demands for very complex shapes and contours in part manufacturing.  

M1-5AX 5-Axis Machining Center is well capable for the effective machining of extreme materials like Inconel, titanium or heat resistant stainless steel. 

Tool magazines are available in various specifications based on user’s tool types – BBT-40

(opt: CAT-40, HSK-A63, SK-40). Tool storage capacity – 30 ea (opt: 40, 60 ea).


#5 Productivity

With the trends of process shortening, M1-5AX 5-Axis Machining Center has a structure where automated systems can be applied on the front and right sides of the machine. The compact machine structure allows easy access for integrating automation systems such as Robots and Automatic Workpiece Changers (AWS). It is also possible to add on automation systems in the future without changing the existing covers. 

At the AWS set up station, workpieces can be set up safely and conveniently even when the machine is in operation. The solid construction of the AWC series ensures a permanently reliable workpiece change within 41 seconds. The base holder has a structure where a 5-Axis vise can be applied easily. 

Besides CNC machine manufacturing, Hwacheon also manufactures its own Automatic Workpiece Changers of different configurations. Integration and support of CNC machines and automation solutions from a single source is better aligned and efficient.  

💡 Learn about M1-5AX 5-Axis Machining Center with Automation. View video:


#6 Software

M1-5AX 5-Axis Machining Center is standard packed with Hwacheon’s proprietary technologies such as precision enhancement software and productivity enhancement software (HECC, HTLD, HTDC, HRCC and Optima) to ensure optimized machine performance. 

Optional software such as remote machine monitoring and diagnostics are available on request.

Also available is the “Harmony” smart interface (opt.). Capabilities include machine and tool magazine operation monitoring and status, machining program management, job scheduler, etc. With a minimised button console, this new user-surface elevates your workshop to a very new level of machine operating.


Why Hwacheon

With over 75 years of experience in machine tool manufacturing, Hwacheon produces quality and reliable CNC machines in our own factories in South Korea. Every CNC machine installed and commissioned is supported by experienced engineers who understand your applications and assist to achieve unparalleled precision, quality, and speed in your production. 

M1-5AX 5-Axis Machining Center is an optimized product for machining small precision parts, among the M-series 5-Axis Machining Center which have been in operation for more than 15 years, proving precision, speed, and stability. 

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