Heavy equipment manufacturing typically also involve production of large, long and heavy components. Manufacturers demand very rigid and reliable equipment and machines that can perform even the hardest conditions, for their own equipment manufacturing or supply to other heavy industries as part of supply chain of other products.

Big CNC Machine Tools for Big Machining

CNC machines are ideal tools for producing various components with precision and accuracy. However, depending on the size and type of the CNC machines, they may have limitations in producing large, long and heavy components. Common challenges faced are that the parts are too heavy, too large or too long. 

Large size machine tools involved huge investments and resources. The question is, which large size CNC machine is suitable for your production success?

CNC Machining for Large and Heavy Parts like Shafts & Pipes - Big CNC Machine Tools for Big Machining

Hwacheon Heavy Duty CNC Lathe MEGA II-260

Hwacheon’s heavy duty flatbed Horizontal CNC Lathes MEGA II-260 is specifically designed for machining of large parts and long and complex shaft type applications such as main shafts and large pipes. 

With a weight of over 110 ton, the extraordinary machine structure and design provides rigid turning which require application for OD & ID operations. 

MEGA II-260 is capable of handling components up to 2.2m in diameter and 17m in length. It features a distance available between centers from 6m to 17m and a maximum weight capacity between centers of 25 ton at 130 rpm. Optionally a 40 ton version is available too.

MEGA II-260 is one of Hwacheon’s Heavy Duty CNC Lathes MEGA Series and MEGA II Series. These MEGA machines have been installed and in operation globally since 1998. 

Today the modern design of the MEGA Series / MEGA II Series are further enhanced and specifically designed to market and customers’ feedbacks and application needs.

CNC Machining for Large and Heavy Parts like Shafts & Pipes - Hwacheon Heavy Duty CNC Lathe MEGA II-260

Applications of CNC Lathes MEGA Series / MEGA II Series

  • Aerostructure
  • Oil & Gas
  • Machinery
  • Mining
  • Power Plant
  • Shipbuilding
  • Windmill & New Energy
  • Other Large and Heavy Precision Parts

7 Key Features of MEGA Series & MEGA II Series

  1. High rigid flatbed structure, made in house by Hwacheon Foundry, provide optimum rigidity and performance.
  2. Main frame structure supported by high-precision thrust & cylindrical roller bearing.
  3. Turcite type bed slide way maintain high rigidity during prolonged cutting.
  4. Spindle construction, designed and made by Hwacheon, allows stable operation and machining at high speed and low speed with high torque process by gear transmission.
  5. Rib-frame head stock minimize thermal deformation while supporting spindle with high precision roller bearings.
  6. High precision ball screw system for X- and Z-Axis enables safe and precise operation without twisting or sagging of the ball screw (applied by LM guide to support long ball screw).
  7. Large-sized tailstock designed to provide best rigidity with 3 points support, minimized thermal deformation by forced lubrication and cooling system.

Take a look at the manufacturing of heavy-duty flatbed Horizontal CNC Lathes in our facilities in South Korea. View video here:


Why Use Hwacheon

CNC machining is a key necessity in today’s manufacturing sector. Machined components must conform to the design specifications and industry standards to function accurately and efficiently. 

Hwacheon fully understand the importance of producing quality parts in a timely manner and using high quality components in our machine tool manufacturing. Critical components are manufactured in-house which enable us to have complete control during the manufacturing process of our CNC machines. 

Selecting the right size and the right type of CNC machine is crucial to deploy its full benefits for your production success. And it need not be a tedious process. 

CNC Machining for Large and Heavy Parts like Shafts & Pipes - Applications of CNC Lathes MEGA Series MEGA II Series

Hwacheon has the expertise and experience to recommend suitable CNC machines and customised solutions to your exact requirements, including working alongside with your team on the facility preparation for delivery, installation, commissioning and training. 

To learn more about the different types of large and heavy-duty CNC machines available for large and heavy components like shafts and pipes, and to choose the best options and systems available, feel free to reach out to us here!