The topic of CNC machining in Indonesia has become increasingly important over the years in the manufacturing sectors. Manufacturers are improving their CNC machine capabilities and processes to significantly increase the quality of their products and competitive advantage in the global market. 

What are some of the recent Indonesian trends in CNC machining as well as best practices in CNC machining in Indonesia?

In this article, you will learn the following:

  • CNC machining trends in Indonesia
  • Industries needing CNC machining in Indonesia
  • How to choose the right CNC machine tool supplier
  • Best practices in CNC machining in Indonesia

Recent Trends in the CNC Machining Industry in Indonesia

Indonesia’s CNC machining sector has seen many positive changes in recent years. These include significant improvements in CNC machining technology, state-of-the-art automation, and upskilling of the workforce.

To stay competitive globally, CNC machine shops in major Indonesian cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Banten and Tangerang have deployed sophisticated machine tool technologies. These help them to expand their product offerings, increase flexibility and efficiency, improve machining accuracy, and reduce costly errors. 

Thanks to advancements in technology and software, high-yield CNC machines are now more affordable and cost-effective for Indonesian part manufacturers. With Multi-Axis CNC machines entering the competitive Indonesian marketplace, machine shops can now benefit from the use of CNC machine tools with more axes to reduce their production time. 

5-Axis Machining Centers are popular choices for handling complex contours and geometries for modern part and mold production. These include dedicated 5-Axis Machining Centers as well as those using rotary axis.

Indonesian machine shops are also taking advantage of machine tool upgrades such as Automatic Tool Changers (ATC), Automatic Pallet Changers, Gantry Systems and Robot Systems to optimize their machine tool operations with fewer initial set-ups and higher productivity.


What about CNC Machining around the World?

In general, the part manufacturing industry is by far the biggest users of all kinds of CNC machines.

Depending on the manufacturing industries in each country, CNC Turning or Milling machines are commonly used apart from EDM, Grinding or Boring machines. Modern CNC Turning and Machining Centres can be equipped with a wide selection of options to make them “Custom Made” — this ensures that they’re flexible and effective for the factories which they’re purchased for.

Looking at the various applications of CNC machine tools around the world, CNC turning machines seem to be the most used machine type. When it comes to milling machines, however, the X-axis 1,000 mm Vertical Machining Center is the most widely purchased machining centre around the world.   

Lately, Hwacheon enjoyed huge success in South Korea with our SIRIUS UM+ high accuracy machining centres sold to manufacturers in the semi-conductor industry. As we all know, chip demand has been extremely high over the last three years. Hwacheon’s Singapore customers in the semi-conductor industry have also purchased high numbers of VESTA-660—initially with 12,000 rpm spindles, thereafter going for 15,000 rpm spindles.  

The same success has also been seen in Hwacheon’s entire VESTA Vertical Machining Centre line-up used to produce Covid-19 safety and protection equipment. Indeed, the Covid-19 situation has opened up lots of new business opportunities for manufacturers in the region.

Beyond the above, we’ve seen high precision Mold & Die manufacturing companies purchasing Hwacheon’s SIRIUS UM+ and UL+ to produce high quality molds for syringes, blood transfusion, blood testing, breathing apparatus etc. During Covid-19, the demand for such equipment increased drastically. Hwacheon customers appreciated the quality as well as accuracy delivered by these machines with 20,000rpm Oil Jet System spindles.   

To learn more about the popular CNC machine models in Indonesia, do check out our product page here.


How to Choose the Right CNC Machine Supplier in Indonesia

Do the prices of your CNC machine tool matter in Indonesia? Let us look at this in detail.

Currently, there are no CNC machine tool manufacturers in Indonesia. All the CNC machines that are used on the Indonesian archipelago are imported from countries like Japan, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, China, and other regions. 

Traditionally, Indonesian manufacturers favour at the beginning CNC machines from Taiwan or China due to their lower prices relative to those made in Japan, South Korea or Germany. While this may result in initial cost savings, buying a low-end CNC machine would put you at a disadvantage.

Increasingly, manufacturers of industrial and consumer goods are demanding higher precision and quality components. Such needs may be difficult to achieve with low-cost machines. In the case of intricate components, only high precision CNC machines are up to the task.

Beyond the flexibility and precision which higher-end CNC machines provides, you need to also consider the lower durability and higher maintenance costs incurred with cheaper machines. In this regard, it makes sense to invest in better machines that give you a greater yield over a longer lifespan. 

As a producer of high-end CNC machine tools, Hwacheon Indonesia has extensive experience in supplying the right CNC machine tools to your Indonesian factory. Drop us a line in our contact form to learn how we can help you. 

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Best Practices in CNC Machining in Indonesia

Given the above considerations, how can you ensure that you get the best bang for the buck when it comes to CNC machining in Indonesia?

Hwacheon Indonesia suggests that you consider these five important factors.


#1 Choose the Right CNC Machine Tool

Consider the following steps to choosing the right CNC machine tools for your factory:

  1. Current machine tool set-up and operator experience
  2. Part difficulty and complexity
  3. Materials to be machined
  4. Use of Linear Motion (LM) guide ways or box guide ways
  5. Types of CNC control system
  6. Cost per part
  7. Available space in factory

Learn more about choosing the right CNC machine tool here.

#2 Get the Best Accuracy for Machined Components 

One of the most important factors in CNC machining is accuracy. Rather than buy the first machine that comes to mind (or the cheapest), consider factors such as its tolerance levels, linear guideway systems, quality of its ball screws, as well as other factors like your workshop environment, machine build and others. 

Learn more about how you can improve your CNC machining accuracy here.

#3 Cater for High Mix — Low Volume and Batch Order Productions

To generate more revenue from your CNC machine tools, you need to deploy them for today’s on-demand manufacturing needs such as High Mix – Low Volume (HMLV) and Batch Order production. Also known as make-to-order manufacturing, HMLV manufacturing is defined as the process of making a large variety of often complex products in small batches. 

#4 Optimize Your CNC Machines to Their Fullest Potential

As essential work tools for your machine shop, you’d want to ensure that your CNC machine tools perform at their maximum potential.

This is where you’d need to apply the best practices in terms of your CNC machine setup, machining accuracy and tolerance, the surface finish of your machined product, cutting tools used, coolant and lubricant applied, as well as how you manage overheating, crashes and other factors.

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#5 Ride on The Semiconductor Industry

Finally, gear yourself up for the peaks and troughs of the semiconductor industry. From automation, electrification, to digital connectivity, and heightened security, machine shops need to appreciate the major trends affecting the semiconductor industry today.

To cater to this industry, you need to ensure that your CNC machine tools can produce better surface quality, higher consistent accuracy, faster production cycle, and greater stability.


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