Automation is the buzzword everywhere.

Manufacturers face unprecedented challenges in managing part complexity and quick delivery, ever increasing quality, the pressure to reduce manpower and the cost of it. Thus, the focus has shifted to automation, to utilize more hours per day / week / month for production and to increase the flexibility of the production.

At Hwacheon, we have worked with many of our customers to leverage on technologies by integrating machining centres with multi pallet systems – Automation Line with High Flexibility.

This approach provides our customers with the ability to adapt machining processes to different options and the responsiveness to turnaround processes in shortest possible time.

Automation Line with Hwacheon Machining Centers and Multi Pallet Storage System

Any given work piece requires the use of CNC machine tools, even more so now as demands continue to evolve. The integration of automation systems with one or more CNC machines enhances machining capabilities and create newer and more opportunities for both “High Volume & Low Mix” and “Low Volume & High Mix” productions.

An installation may consist of one or more Hwacheon Machining Centres combined with Hwacheon Multi Pallet System HMP-100 to HMP-700 (various pallet sizes and loading capacities are available) and several different functions into a cell. With such set up, the CNC machining process allows for consistency and flexibility in parts production.

Available models:

  • HMP-300 (400 x 400mm / 500 x 500mm pallet for max. 300kg loading capacity)
  • HMP-700 (400 x 400mm / 500 x 500mm pallet for max. 700kg loading capacity)

Examples of Automated Manufacturing Cells:

Example 1
Machine selection between VESTA-1000+ or VESTA-1300 or SIRIUS-UM+ / SIRIUS-UL+ or D2-5AX or a mix of all machines mentioned.

Example 2
3 x VESTA-1300 combined with 2 x existing 5-Axis Machining Centers in one line.

Example 3
4 x VESTA-1000+ or VESTA-1300 or a mix of it with a D2-5AX.

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Benefits of Automation Line

1. Improve Part Accuracy

Consistent accuracy due to automated part handling. Measuring systems in each machine is used to find each part reference point accurately and re-calibrate CNC programs accordingly.

2. Improve Lead Time

Constant production and utilisation of unmanned operations ensure shorter lead times. The flexibility to produce parts on demand provides fast turn-over times of urgent orders.

3. Reduce Setup Time

Use of lesser manpower to operate on individual machines. Part handling and set-up is done at designated loading / unloading stations without any interruption to the production line.

4. Reduce Cycle Time

Operations can be synchronised in overlapping operation runs. Example: OP10 and OP20 can be done at same time in two different machines.

5. Reduce Cost Per Part

Cost savings from one shift to 24/7 operation. Reduction of downtimes, loading and unloading process is far shorter compared to individual machine handling.

6. Reduce Floor Space

Consolidate machining operations with automated solutions.

7. Unattended Operation

Minimize manpower cost as one system will be handled by one operator.

8. Better Monitoring of Machine Operation

Spindle run times are increased compared to single machine usage. Machine operation can be monitored by M-Vision Plus Monitoring System. Reports for machine efficiency can be received and system can be monitored through night time from home.

9. Lesser Complex Fixtures

Save costs by eliminating complex fixtures.

10. Better Tool Usage

Save costs by eliminating tooling redundancy.

11. Increase Safety

Work environment is safer, especially for movement of heavy workpieces.

What and How to Automate with High Flexibility?

There is no exact answer to this question. Firstly, you will need to review your current machine setup, what you are manufacturing now and what are your current-, mid- and long-term plans. The challenge is to figure out what help to meet your manufacturing needs today and continue to meet your needs for a specific number of years down the line.

Automated line is not just for big manufacturing companies. Medium and small companies should also consider to tap on the flexibility of automation systems to adapt and diversify quickly. In some countries where the government provides subsidy initiatives, perhaps you could tap on these grants.

Knowing When to Automate

In June 2020, we published an article Covid-19: How CNC Machining Companies Can Survive And Thrive. Dealing with challenges like product complexity, quick delivery and managing unforeseen disruptions is becoming the new normal for many manufacturers. Manufacturers need to be more flexible in their processes to meet these challenges. Many of our customers have managed with our CNC machines and automation solutions, and succeeded.

As a manufacturer, you rely on a variety of sophisticated CNC machine tools in your production. But are your production processes efficient and flexible to meet the rapid changes due to supply market volatility?

Talk to us, to find out more about Automation Line with High Flexibility and to make informed decisions that will raise your operation to an exceptional level of efficiency, productivity and profitability.

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