Have you encounter restrictions in accepting orders for larger and heavier components or even difficult to machine materials? 

Difficult to machine parts or materials have become essential and part of today’s many variations and industries, such as aerospace, commercial vehicles, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, construction, power generation, windmills, even mould & die and semiconductor.

Stepping up to Double Column Machining Centers can raise the limits on the component types and sizes you can machine to expand your machining capability and grow above or separate you from your competition.

Double Column Machining Centers offer specific sizes, functions and advantages. Understanding the fundamentals will enable you to make the best suited choice for your next bigger machine, possibly a Double Column Machining Center selected.

#1 Machine Design & Structure

Double Column Machining Centers are designed to cater larger part dimensions as well as much higher stabilities compared to traditional C-Frame machines, providing capabilities to machine large and heavy workpieces as well as tough materials. They are typically much heavier, therefore much more rigid and stable, reducing vibration and with that offer better part finish. Of course, all is subjective to build quality and design as well as materials used.

The slant structure (SIRIUS-1250 / 1350 / 2500) of Y-axis moves on the reference face of slide way, providing excellent straightness and stability during cutting. The symmetrical bridge type structure disperses the vibration, load and heat to the double columns equally. This enables stable cutting and very little deformations. The movement with work piece is only in X-axis direction. The Y and Z axis are free from exterior or changing weight influence and condition. Thus, provide a very high stable and precise cutting.

#2 Table Size

Double Column Machining Center typically provides a spacious table, two columns and the cross rail / beam mounted on the columns, to hold and support the spindle head. The table provides sufficient space to mount single larger parts or multiple workpieces anywhere on the table, set up at one time.

#3 Spindle

The center of the spindle, where most of the cutting force will be applied, is close to the Y-axis. This increases rigidity and stability of the whole machine. Tighter tolerance will be achieved while enabling the machine to operate at optimum cutting speed.

#4 Accuracy & Tolerance

As the spindle is closer to the columns of the machine, there is very little “overhang”, the machine accuracy achieved is higher. The rigidity and stability of the overall machine significantly reduce negative vibrations, tool deflection and therefore offers much better cutting conditions.

#5 Chip Removal

Rigid slant covers and chip conveyors installed on both sides of the table ensure sufficient and effective chip removal, even during large volumes of chips being removed from the workpiece.

#6 Floor Space

Double Column Machining Center typically take up less floor space, which translate to savings in overall operational costs, compared to a same size C-Frame machine.

#7 Price

The initial purchase price of Double Column Machining Center tends to be higher compared to other designs. However, the advantages are compensating such higher price by far. Overall, there are big differences between Double Column design machines and C-Frame machines. Based on the intended usage, the price can be double or higher despite that the technical data look similar on paper. A machine designed for Mould & Die application (e.g.: Hwacheon’s SIRIUS Series) providing very high accuracy and surface standards compared to a Double Column Machining Center sold at half the price and suitable for standard parts manufacturing only, the tolerances achieved are far bigger compared to a Mould & Die version. 

Well-designed Double Column Machining Center reduces operational cost and provide higher returns. Less vibration result in less wear on critical components resulting in a longer life span of the machine.


Hwacheon Double Column Machining Centers


  • SIRIUS Series for Large Molds

Hwacheon’s SIRIUS Series Double Column Machining Centers, start with SIRIUS-UM+ to SIRIUS-1250 / 1350 / 1750 / 2500 and now SIRIUS-3000 (gantry design), are designed by using 3D simulation FEM analysis to achieve structural rigidity which translate to quality product results. The machines can be configured with various options so that they can integrate perfectly to your work environment and application. SIRIUS-2500 and 3000 are also available with full 5-Axis capabilities.

A long history of successes within the mold & die industry, the SIRIUS Series uses powerful built-in motor spindle designed and made by Hwacheon. High speed milling head complemented by Hwacheon’s proprietary Oil-Jet cooling system, these mold & die CNC machines provide consistent strong roughing performance and high-quality product result. 

The SIRIUS Series greatly enhance the quality of your large mold applications such as large display frame, automotive and aerospace parts.


  • L-Series for General Light Parts Industry

Hwacheon’s Double Column Machining Center L1 / L2 / L3 with rigid and stable double column structure provide high precision cutting performance for machining large and long components such as aerospace parts and steel plates (semicon). 

L1 / L2 / L3 feature their superiority in fast roughing and fine cutting with high precision and accuracy. The low-centered design of the lower bottom surface of base provides enhanced base rigidity and improved control of vibration. Extra wide working table allows multiple workpieces to be set up. 

Direct driven motor, made by Hwacheon spindle with Air-Oil (12-15,000rpm) or Oil-Jet (20,000rpm) lubrication system provides outstanding performance for high accuracy and precision machining. 

Hwacheon spindle shows outstanding performance for high accuracy and high machining by minimizing displacement with unique manufacturing technology. Various spindle speeds from 12,000 to 20,000 rpm enable L1 / L2 / L3 well suited for a wide range of industries such as semiconductor industries, precision part manufacturing, aerospace structural parts, non-ferrous or steel material applications.


Why Hwacheon Double Column Machining Centers

Hwacheon’s Double Column Machining Center range offers various sizes and capacities, providing the most versatile range of powerful and precision cutting solutions. Each machine is designed and built in-house at Hwacheon’s South Korea facilities, with the quality and reliability you can expect from Hwacheon. 

All machines are equipped with Hwacheon’s proprietary technologies such as precision enhancement software and productivity enhancement software (HECC, HTLD, HTDC, HSDC, HFDC and Optima) to ensure optimized machine performance. 

With extensive experience in manufacturing large size CNC machines, Hwacheon has the expertise to custom make extra large size Double Column Machining Center according to your specific needs. You can be assured of high standard of quality through our rigorous testing and be supported by experienced engineers who understand your applications.

Stepping up to Double Column Machining Centers can enable you to pursue new and niche opportunities to expand your customer base. 

We are ready to work with you to provide an effective suggestion and proposal on which Double Column Machining Center is best suited for your business, to elevate your production capability and capacity. Contact us now.


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