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Korea’s First Machine Tool Builder

With over 76 years of history, Hwacheon is dedicated to crafting high quality CNC machine tools. From castings, box guideways, spindles, and gears to sheet metal, every component of our machines are precision engineered with top quality materials, allowing us to deliver long-lasting value to our customers.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Hwacheon develops state-of-the-art CNC lathes and CNC milling machines. Our researchers continually improve our entire manufacturing processfrom raw materials and components to finished machine tools.

Durable CNC Machines

Every Hwacheon CNC lathe and CNC milling machine is custom manufactured in-house and not mass produced, to achieve higher precision, longer lifespan, reduced rework and lower maintenance costs.

Made In Korea Quality

All Hwacheon machines are fully designed, made and assembled in Korea. Key components like machine beds, spindles, gears, chucks, and cylinders are made in-house, ensuring that top-notch quality is achieved.

Local Service & Support Network

Hwacheon Asia Pacific’s local offices and distributors provide direct technical support, on-site services, and supply wear and tear spare parts and critical parts essential for the uptime of your machines.

The Hwacheon Story

Founded in 1945, by our late Honorary Chairman Kwon Seung Gwan, Hwacheon is a pioneer and leader in the Korean machine tool industry. Backed by over half a century of experience, Hwacheon’s strength lies in the deep vertical integration of CNC machine tool manufacturing. Hwacheon is also one of the first company in the world to develop smart operating systems and automation software for its CNC machine tools.

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Premium CNC Machine Tools Made In Korea

Hwacheon’s advanced manufacturing and assembly technology produce machines with exceptional quality and precision, providing tailor made machining solutions for your industry.

New Machines

Hwacheon’s continuous R&D efforts uses feedback from various industries to innovate and deliver new CNC machine tools with higher performance, quality and precision.

SMART Machines

Hwacheon’s SMART machines offer unique machining optimization and smart software technology to achieve high productivity and high quality machining 24 hours a day.

5-Axis CNC Machining Centers

Specially made for hard-to-machine materials, our high precision and high performance 5-Axis machining centers can machine complex parts with optimal machining quality.

CNC Lathes

From small component machining to large-size processing, our highly rigid horizontal, vertical and integrated multiplex turning centers offer the best performance in the class .

CNC Milling Machines

High performance spindles and accurate feed systems make Hwacheon’s horizontal and vertical machining centers the best choice for the most demanding machining tasks.

Machining Software

Hwacheon’s machining software optimizes machining quality and productivity by monitoring the different variables and makes automatic adjustments to ensure top production quality and efficiency.

Hwacheon’s Promise Of Quality

Rooted in engineering excellence since  1945, Hwacheon's CNC machine tools are manufactured to meet exacting quality and top-notch precision. As a customer, you can be assured of their excellent performance and longevity.

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